Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unstandardized Choropleth Map

This is a map of skiing in the Northwoods in Wisconsin. There is no certain order ranked in the areas. The colors are boundaries but there is no specific ranking. 

Nominal area choropleth map

This nominal area choropleth map shows access to safe drinking water. As shown, nominal area choropleth maps show data determined by units defined by color. These colors represent some sort of number or value. 

Correlation Matrix

A correlation matrix shows a correlation between variables. This correlation matrix shows variables between tissues. 

Similarity Matrix

Similarity matrix maps show the similarity between two points. In this map, it shows the similarity between organisms

Parallel Coordinate Graph

Parallel coordinate graphs are used to show multiple amounts of data, such as above in this graph. This graph shows geometry in a high dimensional way. 

Accumulative Line Graph or Lorenz Curve

There are two names for this graph, accumulative line graph or the lorenz curve. This graph displays the Lorenz curve, which is a proportion of the distribution of the map. 

Infrared Aerial Photo

Infrared aerial photos, such as this one, can be used to display changes in the environments. It is a useful tool in determining many different aspects of the environment, and this is a high altitude shot of the environment.