Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unstandardized Choropleth Map

This is a map of skiing in the Northwoods in Wisconsin. There is no certain order ranked in the areas. The colors are boundaries but there is no specific ranking. 

Nominal area choropleth map

This nominal area choropleth map shows access to safe drinking water. As shown, nominal area choropleth maps show data determined by units defined by color. These colors represent some sort of number or value. 

Correlation Matrix

A correlation matrix shows a correlation between variables. This correlation matrix shows variables between tissues. 

Similarity Matrix

Similarity matrix maps show the similarity between two points. In this map, it shows the similarity between organisms

Parallel Coordinate Graph

Parallel coordinate graphs are used to show multiple amounts of data, such as above in this graph. This graph shows geometry in a high dimensional way. 

Accumulative Line Graph or Lorenz Curve

There are two names for this graph, accumulative line graph or the lorenz curve. This graph displays the Lorenz curve, which is a proportion of the distribution of the map. 

Infrared Aerial Photo

Infrared aerial photos, such as this one, can be used to display changes in the environments. It is a useful tool in determining many different aspects of the environment, and this is a high altitude shot of the environment. 


Isohyets are maps that show points that connect to display equivalent  amounts of rainfall. This map displays isohyets in Gujarat. 


Isotachs are lines on a map from which the wind is a constant. This map indicates winds over the Dakotas and  Montana. 


LIDAR, or light detection and ranging, is depicted in this photo. This photo is of New York City. LIDAR uses pulses from a laser to measure distances to a target. 

A climograph, such as this one, shows the monthly average precipitation and temperature for an area. This graph shows the precipitation and temperature for Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Triangular plot

Triangular plots, like this one, show data in the shape of a triangle. This triangular plot happens to show data between three Aleutian sources. 

Population Profile

This is a population profile for the population growth curve for Mobile County. A population profile shows the ages of people in the area. 

Index Value Plot

The index value plot is shown on a line graph. It displays data, as shown as this map, of air quality. 

Bilateral Graph

This bilateral graph displays the percent correct by 3 month intervals. They are graphs that display both positive and negative values. This graph shows increase and decreases for each amount per 3 months. 

Standardized Choropleth Map

This standardized choropleth map is a map of Canada. It compares the distribution of data among different areas on the map. 

Continuously Variable Proportional Circle Map

This type of map shows the frequency with the use of circles on a map. As seen, the circles on this map, and all continuously variable proportional circle maps, are different sizes according to the quantity or frequency of data presented. 

Bivariate Choropleth Map

A bivariate choropleth map is a map that displays two different variables. These maps show two different  types of colors; this map shows Olympic athletes. 


DOQQ, or Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quads, is displayed in this map. This map shows a DOQQ of Louisiana. 

Mental Map

This is a mental map of urban comfort and fear in Brasov. A mental map is something that refers to a person's personal point of view of their own world. This mental map is someone's personal view of their fear and comfort in the town Brasov. 

Unclassed Choropleth Map

This unclassed choropleth map uses data values that are proportional to the shading in the map. This map is used so that cartographers do not have to classify the data. 

Univariate Choropleth Map

This is a univariate choropleth map that displays a single data set, which in this case is percentage of individuals. Univariate choropleth mapping uses basic choropleth mapping through shades of different colors. 

Classed Choropleth Map

Classed Choropleth maps are choropleth maps that show shading or different color intensities for the data. It also has a classed frequency legend that shows the data frequencies. 

Range Graded Proportional Circle Map

Range graded proportional circle maps are a type of proportional circle maps. They depict data in circles, and the circles range from different sizes in order to be able to easily determine the type of data. This range graded proportional map shows the Filipino population in the southeast. 

Flow map

Flow maps display the movement of an object, or people, from one location to the next. This flow map displays the movement of French wine exports to different countries. 


This is an example of a windrose, it shows the frequency of wind from each direction. These maps display percentages of wind frequencies and this was from 2011. 

Stem and leaf plot

This is a stem and leaf plot showing the ages of people at a family reunion. Stem and leaf plots are used to display quantitative data. 


Histograms are useful when showing frequencies. This histogram is displaying the number of employees and what salary they earn in the thousands. 

Box plot

Box plots show data through a summary, such as this box plot with data pertaining to energy. This box plot is comparing the data of energy between 4 different machines. 


This isopleth map displays the toxic chemicals in Jacksonville, Florida. Isopleths are contour lines that can measure a certain amount of data from a specific area, such as this map for Jacksonville. 


Isopachs are contour lines that extend over an area, such as the ones in this map. This map, for example, shows with the thick black lines, transgressive carbonate isopach. 


This is a picture of isobars across southern France. Isobars show the atmospheric pressure by connecting lines. This shows the winds that occur in France. 

Doppler Radar

The doppler radar in this picture displays the weather in Canada. Doppler radars use microwave radiation and are commonly used for weather. 

Black and White Aerial Photo

This black and white aerial photo is shot of a city, neighborhoods, and roads. The black and white photo aerial photos are shot from above the city, to show more area. 

Cartographic Animations

This cartographic animation on the map is of wind velocity magnitudes for the world. The animation shows the occurring wind velocities and allows for graphic art to come into play in mapping. 

Statistical Map

This is a statistical map of the United States' National Data Book. Statistical maps are where a certain quantity of something is shown in the map. 


This is a cartogram map of the world. It distorts the countries and continents in order to show the information of the variables. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Proportional Circle Map

This Proportional circle map shows the American Indian population by state in 1990. It shows data in relation to the size of each circle. 

This is an example of a DEM, digital elevation map, of New Mexico. It displays the elevation of the land in New Mexico.

Isoline Map
This isoline map shows precipitation in Washington in 1996. Isoline maps have continuous lines that join points of the same value. 

Dot Distribution Map
This is a dot distribution map, maps that show where a certain population of data occurs. This map shows where feederwatchers are located in the United States. 

Choropleth Map
Choropleth's maps are shaded in accordance to some sort of statistic. This choropleth map shows the amount of males to 100 females. 

Propaganda Map
All propaganda maps are used to be persuasive and to convince the viewer of something. This one, like most, uses pictures and drawings. Also, the states and cities that these maps display are usually not scaled. 

Hypsometic Map
This hypsometric map shows the elevation of the ocean and land by using different colors and shading. This map is of the Aegean Sea.

This is a PLSS map, and displays township range and sections for Oklahoma. PLSS is public land survey system and is used, like this one, to show land parcels. 

Cadastral Map
This Cadastral map displays the different land parcels according to color. This map displays the varying land in Delaware County. 

Thematic Map
This thematic map displays the median age in 2000. The different colors in different states portray a different number in age that that state's median age is. 

Topographic Map
This topographic map shows a good amount of contour lines. There is obvious detail in the lines that make up what a topographic map is. The lines vary in shape and size. 

Planimetric Map
This planimetric map displays a map of DC. It is portraying different buildings and only their shapes, not any specific details. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scatter plot

This map is a scatter plot and it conveys the quality and price of a certain object. It shows that for example the first dot from the left is about a 11 in quality and a 16 in price. There are no lines that connect the dots and it is just a random assortment of data.